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How We Care for the Most Vulnerable

Caring During COVID-19

How we care for the most vulnerable during a worldwide epidemic

We are in a strange time, friends.

For many people in Ohio working remotely and cancelling plans have become the new norm. But, for L’Arche Assistants and others who work in healthcare, work as usual must continue. People who care for the vulnerable don’t have the luxury of working from home during the COVID-19 Crisis. L’Arche Cleveland has taken many precautions to ensure our Core Members remain safe and healthy during this unique time.

Beginning on 3/16, we had all Core Members stay home from work and began cancelling all community gatherings. We practiced social distancing (staying 6 feet away from others) as much as possible. On 3/19, we closed one of our homes and moved those Core Members into empty rooms at our other homes. This helped us consolidate Assistants and provide care 24/7 in all our homes, which is normally not needed.

Across the country, health care workers have been showing up when everyone else has been staying home. We are grateful for our Assistants who continue coming to work in this crazy time. Living L’Arche would be absolutely impossible without the Assistants that share their lives and time with us. We are aware now more than ever that we cannot live as a community without every single community member.


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