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Tom’s L’Arche Story

Tom has been a much-loved member of the community for 10 years this May. In honor of his service to L’Arche Cleveland, Tom reflected on L’Arche and his time with us.

How did you come to L’Arche Cleveland? 

I was working in a corporate setting in Washington DC, but I was dissatisfied since my work mostly involved working with software all day, not people. When I came to Cleveland, I didn’t know what was in store for me. I met a former L’Arche assistant at a local church, and they suggested I apply to become a L’Arche assistant. It seemed like it would be a good fit for me, since the work is catered on people and not a keyboard. Before applying, I bought a ticket to the annual fundraiser, so I could gain a first-hand understanding of L’Arche Cleveland. The love, respect, caring, joy, and hopefulness that was on display that evening convinced me that L’Arche was a unique and special community that I wanted to join.

What have you learned from the Core Members?

  • There is unbridled joy to be found in the simplest things of daily life
  • Laughter really is one of the best and most essential daily medicines
  • Pretzels make a great pizza topping (Thanks for the tip, Adam!)
  • Life is good every day, no matter what
  • God is great and ever present, every day
  • As Dave says, L’Arche is “What God wants”

Favorite memories of L’Arche

I have so many, but top ones are road trips with the whole community. That is when I most feel that L’Arche is truly a family, and we are enjoying the adventure that is life together.

What do you love about L’Arche?

That my work and life in community is all about lifting people up everyday, not knocking them down.

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