The Story of Colony House

L’Arche Cleveland strives to be a true home for all who come. As our Core Members have aged, we have done our best to make sure they can remain at home safely and comfortably.

Big Changes are Happening!

We Have Big News

In 2016, L’Arche Cleveland made a commitment that we needed to update our housing stock as Core Members aged. We needed to find housing with first floor bedrooms so that we could fulfill our promise of being a home for life. After five years of searching, we have finally achieved our goal. We have purchased our final home. Once these renovations are complete, all of our Core Members will live in fully accessible homes. Our homes are the center of our Community. It is where our Core Members and assistants share life together and bonds are formed.
Our newest home will transform the lives of Adam, Pat, and David. They will no longer need to worry about climbing stairs, or navigating narrow doorways. Having a fully accessible home allows us to live our our mission fully, even as our Core Members’ physical needs change as they age.

This $60,000 renovation has already begun. Carpet has been torn up, paneling has been removed, and walls have been torn down. Our to-do list for the Colony Drive house is continually changing, but below are some of our upcoming projects:

What We’re Doing

We started work as soon as we purchased the home, and it’s looking better and better every day! Check back often to see more pictures as work is continued!

Your Support Means Everything

Help Us Continue our Mission

We need your help to fund our newest project so Dave, Pat, and Adam (shown to the left) can move into their new home. This renovation will cost between $50,000 and $60,000 to complete. If you would like to help us renovate our newest home, monetary donations can be made online below, or by mailing a check. If you would like to make an in-kind donation to help support our newest home, we are in need of Home Depot gift cards. Traditional gift cards can be purchased and mailed to our office, or e-gift cards can be emailed to

Every gift helps us get closer to our goal of $60,000 to put towards our newest home.

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