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The history of l’arche

Our Story

The first L’Arche community was founded in 1964 in France. At the time, people with disabilities were treated inhumanely and kept in large institutions. That first L’Arche community provided a model for robust L’Arche communities all over the world.

L’Arche Cleveland was founded by Sr. Pat Wehner. Our first home, Lamb of God, was in the Hough neighborhood of Cleveland.

L’Arche USA was founded to help support existing communities in the United States and to help guide groups that are interested in founding new L’Arche communities.

Abbey House, originally called 2634, is near Shaker Square, and now is home to Adam, Pat, and David.

Agape House, originally called Stoneleigh, is in Cleveland Heights. LaQuesha, Stephanie, and Jessie call Agape home.

Grace House becomes our fifth home in Cleveland.

Our homes are renamed to reflect the personalities of the core members and assistants of the homes. They are renamed Abbey House, Agape House, LaBella House, and Serenity House.

Grace House moves to the neighborhood of Lyndhurst. This house is an accessible house,

Mercy House opens in 2019. Mercy House is an accessible home and is home to Lisa, Gloria, and Brenda.

In 2021, we opened Eugene’s Hope House in Highland Heights, which replaced Serenity House. Eugene’s Hope is the home of Diane, Bozey, and BJ.

Where We Are Now

Today, L’Arche Cleveland has five loving homes, 15 core members, and countless other community members from all over. We invite others to come and see what makes L’Arche so unique. Contact Alex to arrange a visit!

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